Headshots 106 – Get the Job

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, and let’s face it, it’s a pretty big crowd, sometimes it’s the little things that can make the difference, like getting your headshots right.

In getting your Headshots right, you want to make sure that the person looking at your profile is reading what you want into the image, “Confident” “Approachable” “Reliable” “Successful” “Passionate” – all words that we all too often see in a profile and think “Everyone says that, what makes you any different to everyone else?” (and that is the polite version). What if, though, you can say all those things with a picture? Pass on the subliminal message that you are all of those things by having a profile shot that says you take yourself seriously (not too seriously – the right amount of seriously), that you are ready for business?

Let the words on your profile tell your story about why you are the “go to” person for X and Y and let your profile picture literally put you in the frame.

These two images are chalk and cheese, yet so similar in many ways

Two images of headshots that are quite different

Both have similar lighting and backdrop, both contain the same (young gorgeous) man but yet they tell a very different story. The eye contact in the main picture is so much more confident and gives a much stronger connection then the inset, despite the main picture being much more casually dressed and stubbly. Building the connection and trust of your subject is key to getting the right results and that is so evident here – it’s not just the technical piece about lighting, but the sensitivity in the composition that really makes the difference – which image shows the person that you would rather work with?

In these pictures, the goal was to produce an image that set the right business tone to meet the goal of “Get the Job”. He’s a young man so we needed to consider that we needed to put the emphasis on confidence and reliability. All too often youngsters can be accused of being too easily distracted, unfocused and so on, so we wanted to move away from an image that hinted at that

3 headshots with different expressions

Image 2 is a certainly a likeable image, but too smiley and therefore lacked the presence we wanted to show. We liked image 1 but felt that it lacked confidence. He seems to be asking a question and being unsure. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with asking a question, however in this instance we wanted an image that said “I’m your person for the job”. That leads me to image 3, our winner. We chose a closed mouth smile, more serious with more gravitas and felt that the eye contact conveyed a strong positive message, which was exactly to brief, and yes,……. he did get the job!

Photohello works with clients of all sizes to provide profile headshots among other things and can work with you on a one to one basis to deliver carefully crafted images, through to a more standard shoot set up where whole teams can be photographed to create an up to date gallery of the team. We also have an update service to capture new team members and so keep the gallery up to date.

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