I must admit, before trying animated virtual backgrounds, I thought these were going to be a right faff, but guess what, they are so simple to load up, just as easy as putting up a photo background.

I posted an article on this recently, covering how to load the backgrounds and a few watch outs. Much the same applies for video, so to see that, please check here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/who-loves-virtual-background-andy-scott/

You just have to click on video rather than image at this point

Choose Video Background

In terms of shape and size, then your pretty safe with standard HD 1920×1080 or smaller (1440×810 or 960×540), just keep the ratio of length to height at 16:9.

If this is proving a challenge, then have a look at your camera settings as this will tell you how your camera is set, so try and find a setting that matches camera with what you can produce.

The fun bit is deciding what to put on your video. I think there are a few themes to follow:

The Attention Grabber

When you’re on a call with a load of people and want to be noticed. You’ll need something with a lot of movement. This one is Called “The Wind of Change”

Whilst this one works well for its purpose, you wouldn’t want it on all the time as (to say the least) it could be a tad distracting

The Perpetual

This one is far better as your go to, non-distracting background. It has all the elements you need in terms of branding and has enough animation to be noticeable without being too distracting.

The other thing to note is that it appears to run continuously as the stop and start position are the same. This one has me in to so you can see it in reality

The Subtle

This one of those virtual backgrounds that is the embodiment of calm – a simple animation of part od he logo, giving the tranquility of gently moving water – perfect for a Mindfulness Business

The Coffee Break

So if you want a break and want to appear present, then one like this could be for you. Just set it going and retreat!


If you’d like to get one of these and are struggling or, would like me to create one for you, then get in touch. I’m happy to support a few local businesses free of charge, andy@photohello.co.uk