Should I Bother with Animation?

What are the benefits of animation? It’s a good question. There are a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t want to bother. The, costs, the ideas, the execution, to name a few, yet we’re told that you need video and animation these days as people don’t engage anything like as much with a picture, or worse still, just text.

A client of mine has been posting on LinkedIn using a few rotated stock images and was feeling rather frustrated at the level of engagement he was getting. A bit of background, his market is financial credit worthiness, so if that’s your bag, then he’d obviously want you to be interested in what he posts and he posts about such things as profit warnings, unsecured credit and CCJ impacts

We discussed the idea of creating a short animation to show the benefits of animation, with the express reason of getting people to stop the scroll and click on the article. So rather than the stock images he was using, I suggested a repeating 10-12 second animation of a graph building and plunging and with a warning popping up to alert the viewer.

This is the animation, delivered in his corporate black, white and red

With a keen interest in numbers, he’d been watching his previous posts and had never had more than 100 views of his posts, with very little activity after the first 48 hours. He was keen to see what difference we could make. He deliberately chose a company of low market interest as a fairer test


After 48 hours, the new animation had registered 125 views, vs. the best previous of 100, so quite a good start at +25%

After another 48 hours it had reached 210 views, which, given the image only option pretty much stopped at 100, was double the image only version

Next steps:

A second animation was immediately purchased, this time focused on Unsecured Credit. We await the results of this second animation

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