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Who Loves a Virtual Background?

A Virtual Background is definitely a thing now, and certainly was hardly known at all just a few short months ago. Yet here we are in a brave new world, and loving (or hating) these things. If you are a lover of them, then read on. Here’s a Q&A guide to getting them in [...]

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And then the colour drained from my face

So, in the last of this series (and to be honest this one is a little late in appearing), I’m going to take a brief look at colour, or to be precise lack thereof and share some information about black and white conversion. In my other posts on headshots, I have talked about many [...]

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Get That Job

Headshots 106 – Get the Job When it comes to standing out from the crowd, and let’s face it, it’s a pretty big crowd, sometimes it’s the little things that can make the difference, like getting your headshots right. In getting your Headshots right, you want to make sure that the person looking at [...]

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Did you Stop and Look?

How you can stand out more with your profile picture. In previous articles, I’ve covered the basics, of light and position, looked at where to position the camera and what lens to use. In this article, it’s more about creating a look, to help you stand out in your image. Positive Lighting Now, we can [...]

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My nose is too big!

Headshots 104 – my nose is too big! With lighting sorted and a relaxed subject, we’re a long way down the road but we’re still not done. This time, we’ll look at the camera, where we put it and what we can put on it. It always surprises me what big a big difference [...]

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Is it Good to Smile?

Headshots 103 So, if you really want to make your profile images stand out, then it’s time to add in a couple of tricks to help you along the way. In previous blogs, I’ve looked at basic composition, backgrounds and simple lighting techniques to get you towards that perfect profile shot. So how to [...]

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Commercial Headshots 102

Splash the Flash If you saw my earlier Blog on Commercial Headshots, “Headshots 101”, you will recall that it covered Basic Composition and key things to consider when using light at home or in the office. It was really focused on helping you to grab basic images with basic equipment so that you could [...]

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How to take a Headshot

Headshots 101 What does your Headshot picture say about you? Do you have a headshot on your profile? Don’t be this guy “pictured” here – I can’t think of many reasons why it’s good not to have a profile picture and sure, yes when there is a valid reason to maintain anonymity then all [...]

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