Commercial Image Making

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Commercial Photography and Videography

Bucks Commercial Photography and Videography through Photohello provides a service to support businesses looking to develop their business collateral. We provide video and photography as well as a number of related services including stand alone editing, image acquisition and manipulation and creation of video and still image visualisations. Please scroll down this page to get a flavour for our capability and do get in touch to discuss what you’re looking to achieve – we’d love to help.

Commercial Videography

If you are looking to create / improve / update / reinvent your commercial videos, then photohello is a great business to work with. We work simply and efficiently to capture the content we need to create your video, and that means keeping budget, time and disruption to a minimum. It’s fun to work with you and your team to make the project a success and I don’t believe that you always need the full Hollywood Production Team to make a commercial video.

Working with professional video cameras and professional grade lenses, means that all image capture is of the highest quality. Other equipment is also provided to make sure that the beautiful image motion and controlled panning work effectively and bring your video to life.

All videos are edited using Adobe Premier Pro Editing Software which is market leading and hugely flexible allowing very clever edits at the video production stage.

Audio remains the magic ingredient and this is critical to a winning video. We use professional standard equipment to ensure we get what we need to complete the project. Although based in Bucks Commercial Photography and Videography is available all over the country – and further afield.

Call me on 07940 359 555 or email me here and let’s discuss how photohello can help you

Image Visualisation

When you need to visualise what something will look like after you’ve completed some work before you do the work or to showcase a “before and after” view then we can help. Here are a couple of examples. One, a concept where impact of change needed to be understood before the work was done and the other, a true before and after.

Just grab the slider in the middle of the image and drag left and right

Commercial Photography

My Commercial Photography experience is extensive. My principle focus is in people, be it as studio shots for marketing purposes, Christmas events or Sales Conferences, and my skills will ensure that the photographic record of the day is second to none. I’m based in the centre of the country, so ideally placed to cover most of the UK with ease and also available for international assignments.

Please take a few moments to scroll through my gallery for a flavour of my work – you’ll see that it covers a range of subject matters and reflects my versatility

Please also contact me to discuss how I can help you. On an increasing number of projects, I’m asked to cover both photo and video work, which is a great way to get broad multi media coverage of your event without paying the earth for the privilege

Call us on 07940 359 555 or email me here and let’s discuss how photohello can help you

Call us on 07940 359 555 or email me here and let’s discuss how photohello can help you