Do Not Look into My Eyes

I had some interesting feedback on the last article, where I showed a setup like this to demonstrate how you can look into someone’s eyes on a video call. As we seek to create an on line experience that is as close to reality as possible, being able to look into someone’s eyes [...]

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Look into my eyes

So, we can meet again at the moment and I’m enjoying the opportunity to do just that, and I still want people to look into my eyes but not in a creepy way! I’m also enjoying the convenience with which I can catch up on line with people, so Zoom, Teams and Remo are [...]

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Livestreaming - Not as hard as all that I must admit, I had always left livestreaming to the experts, thinking that it is a whole pile of questions and stress that I just did not want or need. Then, not one, but two separate clients asked me that fateful question in the space of [...]

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