Photography Lessons for Adults

Whether you are a complete beginner or an enthusiastic improver, a course from Photohello can help you to develop your skills.

For me, photography is about two things, the technical capability of the camera and the creative ability of the user. When I work with you, we can focus on one or both of these areas, so that you can improve your skills in the way that you want to. It might be that you just want to spend a couple of hours to understand your camera or you may prefer a more in depth journey into what makes a photograph more appealing and how you can deliver that in your own work.

There are photography lessons for the individual or for small groups depending on what you are looking for. So, first thing is to contact me so we can work out what you are looking to achieve and we can design something to suit.

Options to consider:

  • A four-session course for two hours at a time that covers the ground of technical and creative which is good place to start. This is priced at £20 per session and is based on a group of two – four people
  • A day or half day “intensive” for one to two people to focus on a specific subject or to introduce across the wider range of subjects. These are priced at £130/£80 per day/half day for the session (not per person)

To find out more, then contact me via email or give me a call on 07940 359555