Animating your Logo

(better with sound)

  • Short animations for you to use with any videos

  • Delivered as standard HD or 4K and available as transparency to overlay on your content

  • For more detailed animations, AI / EPS / PSD files allow many more options

Character Animation

Our latest offering is all about character animation. We are designing and building digital puppets that you can use to help deliver your message. From adding emphasis to your training videos, by freezing the video and popping up a character to emphasise a point, or animating the company mascot or creating something new to give your social media a boost, then character animation is a great way to do this. This short video gives some examples of what we are delivering. We are very happy to talk to you about our designs or to use yours and load them up into our system

Animating to Explain

Whilst a video is a fantastic¬† way to get a concept across, sometimes it just doesn’t quite cut it. We offer animations to help with those situations, to help animate a concept and bring it to life. Sometimes the animation is simply a “softer” way to give a message, moving away from a corporate face and delivering something that is more enjoyable to watch. And when it’s more enjoyable, the message is more easily absorbed.

Talk to us about any of your animation requirements by calling 07940 359555 or emailing

Image Visualisation

When you need to visualise what something will look like after you’ve completed some work before you do the work or to showcase a “before and after” view then we can help. Here are a couple of examples. One, a concept where impact of change needed to be understood before the work was done and the other, a true before and after.

Just grab the slider in the middle of the image and drag left and right

Talk to us about any of your animation requirements by calling 07940 359555 or emailing