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School Prom Photography

School prom photography has been part of our business since 2010. We work with you to agree the best package all round.


Bookings are now open again for next year. Just email me to find out more about how we can help make your prom even more special and provide a gift for everyone attendee.

What we cover

We get there early, so that when your first guests arrive, we are ready. We photograph your arrivals, a very exciting time for everyone, seeing the outfits and on a lot of occasions, what transport the guests have used to get there.

Moving on to the full multi-light studio which your guests are free to use as often as they like during the evening, we take pictures of individuals, couples and small groups through to large groups of 25+ people. We take several pictures of each group, and work with the group to ensure we have the right pose. Actively working to manage the queue, we make sure that everyone has sufficient time and no one has to wait for too long. Make sure you get amazing school prom photography from Photohello


We process the pictures from the Prom and load to the website the next day. Within 24 hours of the Prom, the guests can access the password protected images on line. Guests can view, select and order the images on line.


Competitive pricing is important to us. Our prom photography is a really fun part of your event and we make pictures available at prices you will appreciate. You’ll not be breaking the bank to buy two or three pictures from us! Contact us to discuss without obligation. We’re sure you’ll love the way we work.

To discuss how we can help, contact us via email or call on 07940 359555

Testimonials for school prom photography

“Thanks for the fantastic service you offered on the evening of the ball.  The students (and staff) were really impressed with their photos and I look forward to displaying mine soon”

Head of Year 13, Lord Williams’s School

“An excellent service for our students and Andy is a pleasure to work with. The organised arrangement of the photo set, the many shots of students arriving, the portraits of groups and individuals, pictures of the ceremony, to the efficiency of packing up and the ease in which students can place orders; all were professional and efficient. I am delighted to say that Photohello has agreed to take the photos at the Year 11 prom next year.”

Princes Risborough School