Commercial Photography

Covering a wide variety of subject matter, Photohello can support you with your commercial photography needs. We cover events of all types and pride ourselves on the positive emotions we inject into our work, showing your events at their very best. Photohello will also come to your premises to capture them and perhaps staff in place to build a portfolio of images for your website and marketing. We also undertake product photography, either at your premises or at our Haddenham base.

This gallery shows a few examples of our very wide portfolio of our commercial photography. Even if it’s not here, there’s every chance that we can and have covered it! Just ask.

Personal Branding Headshot Photography

With a professional headshot, your picture will be the best version of you, showing you in the strongest possible way, reflecting your personality with a fresh and clean image.

We use a variety of lighting techniques and backdrops, which allows us to be flexible and creative and to work with you to get the pictures that you want. So, if you are looking for a beautiful high key image with controlled shadows, or something which adds depth and contrast with more complex lighting, we can capture all of this for you. We can help guide you to the right clothing and pose to help you get the headshot that represents you in the manner you want to be portrayed, be that relaxed, formal, serious or fun, we are here to help.

We have added a short video to show some of our work and a variety of styles for headshot photography, be they be simply for your profile or for website or printed literature (play with sound)

Background is very important to getting the right feel for your shots. This is achieved in two ways

  • The environmental portrait, capturing you in a typical workplace environment, not only telling the viewer who you are but showing what you do as well. This can lead to a more relaxed shoot as well as we are often more comfortable in our own space
  • The studio, where light is controlled to help make the best version of you

The studio is mobile, so can be set up where needed, at your premises at your conference or other venue and then we can capture as many people as needed. For individuals and small groups, you may wish to visit Haddenham where we have more resources available than we can pack in the car and that allows maximum choice for you.

Images are provided digitally and can be produced in colour and in black and white.

Shoots for individuals are typically one hour. For small groups, we tend to try two or three styles to see what works best and so time per person starts to come down.

For large groups, we tend to adopt a more standard set up so that we can quickly deal with a lot of people, without interrupting the day very much for individuals. One common scenario is for a conference, where typically, as delegates arrive, they are photographed at registration so you can then carry on with your packed agenda without having to set aside additional time for the photography.

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